NEC SV9500:

  • Communication Server in 19 inches wide chassis
  • The SV9500 Standard Server Model or Appliance Server Model
  • Powerful IP communications with Unified Communications
  • High Reliability

NEC SV9500 has:

  • new, more flexible license model
  • specific integration solutions
  • wide range of end devices
  • configuration and management from one application
  • support for multi-line SIP clients
  • support for many operators

NEC SV9500 supports:

  • integration with your IT infrastructure
  • NEC green initiative
  • all standards
  • Your business

The NEC UNIVERGE SV9500 is available in two formats: as Standard Server Model and as Appliance Server Model

The Appliance Server Model NEC SV9500

The Appliance Server Model is a NEC Communications Server with Intel Core i3 330e 2.13GHz Processor Redundant power and CPU options. The platform occupies 3 Rack Units height (width 19 inch) and supports 7U-PIR Peripheral Equipment of w7 Rack Units height (width 19 inch) and 18 slots each. The SV9500 supports hot-swap cards, ensures 99.999% availability, all data is saved on a flash card.

Centrala telefoniczna NEC SV9500
Centrala telefoniczna NEC SV9500 - serwer

The Standard Server Model NEC SV9500

The Standard Server Model runs on any General Purpose PC based server supporting VMware ESXi 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0 and Microsoft Hyper-V, such as the NEC Express5800 series. For extra power and continuity an NEC Express5800/R320e FT (Fault Tolerant) server is advised.

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