Project Description


Smart Communications for SMBs

The SV9100 platform is a new system, with new handsets and new applications to empower your workforce. Built on the back of the award winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet cost effective from 10 to over 800 users.


The UNIVERGE SV9100 offers

  • Proprietary server with stackable chassis architecture
  • Distinct, scalable, IP Unified Communications enabled solution
  • High reliability
  • Simplified user licensing structure
  • Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
  • Broad range of mobility applications and devices
  • Vertical market-specific solution integrations
  • Wide-range of end-points
  • Single point configuration and management
  • Multi-Line SIP client, multi-carrier support

Advanced Features

  • Versatile architecture – works as an IP system, digital system or a combination of the two
  • Modular architecture for exceptional scalability – cost effective from 10 to 800+
  • One of the most easily configured Unified-Communications-capable systems on the market
  • User-friendly management interface streamlines system administration
  • Easy migration from UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300


Make a Smart Investment

The SV9100 comes with an unprecedented warranty and future-proof technology that meets the demands of your multi-generational employees. Recognized as having the highest level of customer satisfaction among Unified Communications vendors, NEC also brings you an incredibly smart investment. Our Unified Communications platforms have been recognized by industry experts as having one of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.

Work with Smart IT

Interruption of communications services means downtime for your business, customers and loss of revenue. That’s why NEC’s SV9100 platform is one of the easiest to configure Unified-Communications-capable systems on the market. The SV9100 easily integrates with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable IP or digital system. The user-friendly management interface streamlines system administration, giving IT Voice, Unified Communications and Voicemail from one central location.

  • Simple configuration and low maintenance
  • Works as a IP system, digital system or a combination of the two
  • SIP technology provides disaster recovery
  • Easy integration with email apps inc. Microsoft® Outlook & CRM integration e.g. Salesforce



Number of SV9100 chassis 1 2 3 4 w/ NetLink
IP Trunks (SIP)* 400*
Analogue Trunks (COT) 40 88 136 184 400
PRI Channels 90 180 180 180 400
BRI Channels 40 88 136 184 400
IP Terminals DT700/DT800 Series 896**
 SP310 Soft Phone 256**
 SIP DECT terminals 896
 Digital terminals DT300/DT400 Series  80 176 272 368 896
Analogue terminals SLT (-24V)  80 176 272 368 896
IP Gateway channels 256
IP Gateway channels with sRTP 256
Voicemail – VM InMail 16 channel; 12/115 hours of storage; 896 Mailboxes
(896 subscribers, 32 groups, 32 call routing mailboxes)
Voicemail – VRS channels 16 channel
InACD (896 Agents, 64 ACD Groups)
In-Skin Applications – Gigabit POE switch 8 ports per blade
In-Skin Applications – Internal router 4 port managed Ethernet switch with VLAN Support
NetLink networking # 50 systems
FeatureNet (AspireNet) 50 systems
K-CCIS networking 50 systems
SV9100 chassis dimensions 88 x 430 x
390 mm
Empty chassis weight 6.35 Kg; Average weight of cards 275 g (maximum 6 cards in chassis)
SV9100 Chassis Power Rating Input 100V/120V/220V/230-240V – 2.43A/2.19A/1.19A/1.15A 50/60Hz
EMC EN55022 Emission, EN55024 Immunity, EN61000 Powering
Safety EN60950-1
Transmission and signalling TBR3, TBR4, ES203-021, TBR8, TBR38

* Maximum number of simultaneous calls is limited by the Voice over IP Resources (IP Pad Channels) available
** Maximum number based on peer to peer, maximum independent of chassis confi guration

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