On-site wireless telephony on your IP Network

Today’s business environment demands flexible ways of working and increased customer services. Organizations seek to extend the reach of their converged voice and data network but also save on branch office costs. They wish to integrate wireless communications without compromising on voice quality, availability and security. NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT realises all of this, and much more.

Business Mobility IP DECT – combining the benefits of IP and DECT technologies

NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT delivers on-site wireless telephony that uniquely combines the benefi ts of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well established DECT technology. This brings:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Callers get quick access to employees, improving customer satisfaction
  • Business efficiency – Employees can always be reached and seamless handover guarantees conversations continue when on the move
  • Increased performance – Powerful functionality such as corporate directory access, text messaging and presence
  • Cost savings – Easy to use wireless voice drastically reduces monthly cellular costs
  • For any organization – Scalable and secure communications for single office, campus or even metropolitan environments

Add sophisticated DECT wireless voice solutions to your network

With Business Mobility IP DECT, a single converged network provides both fi xed and wireless telephony. Wireless telephony in a multi-site company or large campus environment is a matter of installing IP DECT Access Points (APs) at remote locations, with no need for additional remote equipment. These remote locations become an integral part of your central communication infrastructure.

The IP DECT open architecture, embracing CAT-iq

To protect investments and stay competitive, Business Mobility IP DECT is based on the open SIP standard. This basis offers compatibility to many platforms available in the market. NEC’s IP DECT portfolio takes advantage of the new CAT-iq standard with Internet services and HD-voice quality as important enhancements to DECT and supports applications such as Unified Communications, messaging, alarming, task management and localization.

Multi-site mobility

Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site business or campus environment. Organizations with a main office and different branch offices for instance simply install IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, which form one cluster with all other Access Points via the company’s network infrastructure.


Proven reliability – across all levels

DECT has been around for quite a while and still is the best possible mobility solution for the vast majority of businesses. For one, it offers the ultimate in reliability – in terms of scalability, security and coverage. Its exclusive frequency band makes it totally free from interference, while encryption and security are standard. And once installed it never fails.


IP DECT provides key applications and ensures best user experience


Corporate Directory and Presence status

Business Mobility IP DECT provides users access to the company’s corporate directory. At all times the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization are at hand. Users can also see the presence of the person they need. No need to search for personal contact information or consult the nearest PC screen, just browse to the right person in your DECT handset and check the person’s presence status.

Text and Alarm messaging

Business Mobility IP DECT provides powerful text and alarm messaging capabilities for a wide variety of applications in different types of business. With messaging, staff can be alerted about incidents such as a fi re, nurse calls or status of industrial processes. As such it also replaces separate paging systems. Messaging includes individual messages to terminals, broadcast messages to a group of terminals and confirmation messages by the user. Different priority levels allow staff to differentiate between messages.

Location Detection

Business Mobility IP DECT can also be used to locate DECT handsets and their users. This can be essential if e.g. staff need immediate assistance from colleagues. Pushing the SOS button on the phone, the system alerts staff to provide assistance, while the system automatically provides the location information.

Business Mobility IP DECT ensures the best user experience

  • Crystal clear audio quality up to HD audio
  • Appealing and ergonomic handsets deliver optimal mobility, flexibility and comfort of use
  • Easy access to a central directory and employee presence info
  • High feature transparency so you can use the same facilities while away from your desk
  • Roaming between networks allows you to use the handset on different (remote) locations
  • Full security with secure DECT air interface, uniquely identified handsets and voice encryption
  • Easy deployment – plug and play install and downloadable software in APs and handsets
  • A scalable solution (up to 750 APs in IP DECT system) for large campuses or organizations
  • Messaging and alarming functions offer the optimum in messaging and personal security