iS3000 and SIP@Net – Hybrid and Server based enterprise communication platform

The iS3000 communication platforms fulfil the modern communication needs of small to large organizations. The iS3000 and SIP@Net platforms are the IP communication solutions for your business. The iS3000 can be configured fully modular to suit all sizes of businesses. It offers either a hybrid system or a server based system or a mix of both.

The iS3000 platform is the cornerstone of migration towards a converged network and the communications framework of next-generation platforms and applications. The platform’s SIP@Net call processing software offers full SIP functionality across extensions, trunk lines and applications. The SIP@Net Server platform provides a powerful native IP platform for IP communication services.


General architecture

The iS3000 architecture provides a combination of IP telephony and traditional solutions by combining the best of hybrid and server based technology. Besides the iS3000 full hybrid PBX, a server version is part of the communication platform family. It supports the broad range of critical voice features and functions with which users are familiar, now in a converged network environment.The IP call-processing software platform – SIP@Net – forms the basis for both the hybrid and the server solution of migration to a converged network.

An In-System IP Gateway (ISG) incorporated within the hybrid iS3000 provides an embedded IP-switching module, which registers, interconnects and processes all IP end-points on the network, covering a wide range of SIP-based devices. The ISG also provides trunking between iS3000 systems, SIP@Net servers and SIP providers.

Uniform hardware architecture and a common software platform produce a scalable hybrid PBX that can be tailored to meet the needs of different organizations, through customization or the addition of applications and/or capacity.


System availability

State-of-the-art technology is used in order to reduce to an absolute minimum the number of system cards that can cause a failure.The fault-tolerant architecture has the capability of tolerating a card and/or link failure without any loss of system continuity.

  • iS3000 fault tolerant: >99.999%
  • iS3000 single: >99.97%
  • SIP@Net server: server dependent

Mean Time Between (Fatal) Failure:

  • iS3000 fault tolerant: > 250 years
  • iS3000 single: > 7.5 years
  • SIP@Net server: server dependent

The above figures assume a mean time to repair of two days.


System capacity

Single processor SIP@Net server Fault tolerant processor
Max. no. of 19-inch shelves 4  n.a. 31
Max. no. of Remote Peripheral Modules 4  n.a. 15
Max. no. of ports 1 216  n.a. 10 000
Max. no. of cordless DECT handsets (0.2 Erlang) 1 216 2 560 2 560
Max. no. of IP ports (0.2 Erlang) 1 216 5 000 1 000
Max. no. of trunks and/or tie-lines 600 n.a. 2 500
Max. no. of IP trunks 300 600 300
Max. no. of operators 8 12 31